Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • What is Noqoody online payment?

    Noqoody is the largest payment gateway in Qatar. It is an online payment solution that allows you to accept customer payments online.

  • What does Noqoody online payments do?

    We manage the authorization and transfer of funds between your customers' credit card and your bank account. With our payment gateway, we ensure that credit card data is transmitted securely from your website to your internet merchant account and card providers.

  • Why Noqoody?

    Noqoody offers the widest range of payment options. It is empowered cutting by its edge, scalable IT platform and advanced technology that processes millions of transactions daily and has the capacity to process 10X more. Noqoody offers you a comprehensive statistical online report and a transparent view of all your transactions in real time.

  • What payment types can I accept?

    Noqoody solution provides processing services for all major card brands as well as for credit card/ATM/Direct mobile billing/Third party Transactions.

  • How long does it take to set up my payment method?

    How fast your payment system is set up depends entirely on your requirement for your payment solution and the degree to which you wish to tailor your payment page.

  • How secure are online payments to my customers?

    To keep your risk to a minimum Noqoody sets requirements for data and process security. Our service center meets all security requirements. To security and protection against fraud all our products are certified and internationally approved.

  • What does tokenization mean?

    Tokenization is a process in which sensitive data such as credit card numbers are replaced by substitute numbers called token. The original data is kept in our computer center where they are secure and protected. Tokenization service allows merchants to offer one click checkout and process recurring payments.

  • Can Noqoody help me prevent future chargeback plan?

    The program includes assistance in creating a chargeback reduction plan as well as prevention tips specific to your business model.

  • Why is Noqoody better than the other options that I'm considering?

    People choosing us appreciate: Reduced Administration, Simple low pricing, Powerful tools that suit you, And Personal Touch (Help whenever you need us).

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