Versatile retail kiosk

Experience the purchasing process independently

A smaller self-service solution that creates a new interactive experience with your customers. The SK300 can be used as a wall-mounted or countertop solution to increase revenue without hiring additional staff. You can easily install relevant business apps to help your customers place their orders, effectively offer up-selling and allow them to pay using their preferred payment option.

Hight definition touch screen

The brilliant 10” display and rich graphics better supports product imagery in full colour and dynamic graphical screen layouts, to make your brand stand out even more.

HD camera & professional scanner

Allowing merchants to support fast scanning of barcodes and QR codes to improve store efficiency and reduce queuing time.

Android 10 OS

Cortex-A55, 1,6GHZ

Chip & PIN + contactless + magnetic stripe

10-inch IPS colour touch screen

4G + WiFi + Bluetooth 5.0

5MP front camera

Weighting 1,8kg


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Accepting all payment types

Seamless payment experience whether you prefer to pay using card, contactless, mobile wallets or QR codes.

  • QR code scanning

  • Provides QR code to be scanned

  • Contactless

  • Chip & PIN

  • Swipe

  • QR code scanning