Android SmartPOS

High-performance in a slim design

The most powerful product in the A-series, The A960 can manage even the most complex business applications with ease, making it perfect for businesses that require lightning-fast payment processing and smooth operations in a mobile, lightweight device.

The power of speed

To any business with very high performance expectations, the A960 will no doubt be the ultimate flagship SmartPOS

The perfect balance of design and durability

Lighter and sleeker, the A960 weights only 368 grams, making it more than 20% lighter than the A920. Althought it is only 17mm thin, we managed to fit all the advanced features into its thin body. It has also passed well over 80 rigorous laboratory tests, to ensure it meets the highest of quality standards expected in a PAX product.

Powered by Android 10

Cortex A55, 1.6 GHz Octa-Core processor

5150mAh / 3.7V long-lasting battery

6" capacitive touchscreen

4G + WiFi + Bluetooth

Contactless + Chip & PIN + Magstripe

PIN on glass technology

Up to 2MP front and 13MP rear camera

Optional professional scanner

Optional eSIM

5150mAh / 3.7V long-lasting battery

Fast-speed printer


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Dual cameras + Pro scanner

Epuipped with dual cameras and with the option to add a professional scanner, A960 can be used to accept QR code payments, coupons and scan product images.

Full touchscreen with large contactless area

A large, and easily identifiable, landing pad on which customers can tap their card or mobile device. It can also optionally be used by your customers to showcase their logo or any messaging or branding they want.

Longest-lasting battery

We have improved the battery technology to ensure it is safer, greener, and longer lasting. The battery is removable, and delivers an incredible standby time of around 12 days. The A960 can work continuously, doing transactions, for 17 hours, the equivalent of 13 hundred transactions.