Qatar´s leading payment service provider (PSP)

Noqoody is Qatar´s leading payment service provider (PSP). The professional payment methods, shop plugins and services of Micropayment offer the right solution for every online shop or content provider. With World-class devices for all your business needs, Noqoody allows you to accept POS payments on any Location.

  • Leading Qatar PSP
  • Tailored Payment Solutions
  • Micropayment Excellence
  • Versatile Business Devices
  • Global Payment Acceptance
  • POS Anywhere Access

Noqoody: Solving AML Problems Via Collective Intelligence

As money laundering techniques are growing in volume and complexity, banks can no longer sustain fighting financial crimes the conventional way by just focussing on rules-based, siloed detection with no or limited insights from peer banks. This system begins with analysing the current state of the AML Transaction Monitoring (TM) ecosystem, highlighting the challenges across legacy systems and traditional machine learning applications. In the next segment, the paper highlights Noqoody’s AML innovation in TM through Typology Repository Management (TRM), a new way of detecting money laundering through collective intelligence and continuous learning. At Noqoody, we envision that this advanced machine learning approach will enable financial institutions to capture changing customer behaviour and stop the bad actors with high accuracy and speed, improving returns and risk coverage.

  • Evolution of Detection
  • TRM: AML Revolution
  • Smart Money Safeguard
  • Collective Intelligence Triumph
  • Adaptive Risk Prevention
  • Precision in Safeguarding

Drive merchant sales & empower acquirers with business intelligence

Noqoody opens doors to a revolutionary payments realm, leveraging third-party apps to enhance business, elevate in-store sales, and deliver a seamless shopping journey. We perceive payments as the genesis of a lasting connection, an opportunity to foster customer loyalty through tailored marketing, loyalty rewards, and an unparalleled payment experience. Dedicated to offering the most aesthetically pleasing POS, equipped with cutting-edge technology and internationally recognized security certifications. Fueled by Android or Linux, Noqoody's POS solutions redefine the payment landscape.

  • Noqoody's Payment Innovation
  • Enhanced Business Intelligence
  • Seamless Shopping Experience
  • Customer Loyalty Focus
  • Cutting-Edge POS
  • Global Security Standards

Our Services

Noqoody Payment offers seamless online integration to enhance conversion rates by providing customers with trusted and customizable payment methods. Our advanced fraud prevention solution ensures reliable transactions. With a dynamic payment gateway, businesses can accept various forms of payment, including credit cards, ATM, direct mobile billing, and third-party transactions on their websites. Our solutions cater to diverse technical preferences, offering options from a straightforward checkout to fully customized solutions.


Keep your card credentials away from risk as Noqoody offers Tokenization technology that converts sensitive cardholder information into a unique token or digital identifier for automated payments.

Recurring Payments

No more late payments. No more chasing down clients. NOW! You can automatically charge your clients for your services based on your billing schedule and decrease the efforts spent on processing of customers’ payments. Our system will automate retries and payment reminders and keep you from losing revenue due to failed payments.

Multi-currencies Acceptance

Multi-currency payment processing is the easiest way to increase sales from international buyers. With a multi-currency merchant account, you will be able display prices in the same currency as where the buyer is located and receive your processing settlements in any major world currency.

Email Payment Link

Email Payment Link is useful for all kinds of business. It offers a quick and secure method to request payments from your customers via an email. You do not have to set up a complete payment-processing website. Just by sending a payment link to your customers via an email, you can accept payments..

SMS Payment Link

With SMS payment link, you will have an innovative alternative payment method for low threshold transactions. SMS payments enable customers of paying for goods, services or products via mobile bill or balance.

Social Media Payment Link

Our payment solution provides you with a great option to accept payments from your customers without any integration only by sharing the payment link over social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, etc. giving your customers a quick checkout option.

Advance Fraud Services

Advanced fraud prevention solution to help card issuers and acquirers combat the growing threat by monitoring 100% of transactions, online, in real-time across all channels. Moreover, we will help you set up additional fraud prevention rules such as AVS rules, 3D secure authentication, American Express SafeKey and more.

Support over Email & Phone

Our main goal is all about making the payment processing experience the best it can be, and that means being available for your needs and questions 24/7 over email and phone.

Merchant Dashboard

Get unlimited access to reports, statistics, and reconciliations; control transaction settings; and export data into billing systems through an easy-to-use Merchant Dashboard and customized tools that drive operational efficiency and revenue improvement.

Noqoody Supported Payment Channels


Dynamic Secure Payment Gateway with Trusted Tools

Noqoody transforms online payments into an effortless process. Our dynamic and secure payment gateway, paired with trusted tools, ensures simplicity and ease in every transaction.

Noqoody transforms online payments into an effortless process. Our dynamic and secure payment gateway, paired with trusted tools, ensures simplicity and ease in every transaction.

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